Serban Group and B-Fy Join Forces to Drive Secure Identification with Biometrics

  • Serban Group will distribute and implement B-FY identification as a service technology, providing companies with an innovative and easy-to-implement solution

  • The agreement responds to the need to eliminate the use of passwords and alleviate the use of external biometric readers

Madrid, March 29, 2023. - B-FY,, the Spanish pioneer in secure biometric identification, and Serban Groupa company with 20 years of experience in biometrics and digital identity projects, have established a strategic alliance to strengthen and speed up the implementation of B-FY solutions for identification as a service. The objective of this agreement responds to the imperative need of companies to tackle fraud and cybercrime and does so with innovative and secure authentication solutions. It should be remembered that cybercrime grew last year by 72% compared to 2019, according to data from the Ministry of the Interior, to a record of more than 375,500.

Thanks to the agreement, Serban Group will implement B-FY's secure biometric identification solutions, which allow customers to be universally identified, without the use of passwords and without the need to use external biometric readers, thus solving two of the biggest security concerns that companies share. In this way, companies can count on a rapid implementation of the B-FY solution, they just have to insert it into their mobile applications and their employees will have access to all kinds of facilities and services, without the need to remember and accumulate passwords, cards or access mechanisms.

B-FY solutions may be included in any technological architecture developed by Serban Group in traditional, hybrid or virtual environments and for any digital work environment.

Until now, to access most services, companies require users to provide a name and password, which is then associated with a biometric pattern and the sending of an SMS to complete double authentication. On the other hand, B-FY's solution, which uses identification as the first line of defense against possible attacks, is innovative and unique in the market. The experience and knowledge of Serban Group will make the implementation of your service faster and easier.

With this technology, users will be able to use the biometric identification of their mobile phones (fingerprint, face or iris) to access all kinds of face-to-face and online services, without the need to use passwords or leave their biometric data on machines or applications exposed to theft or hacking.

For B-FY, this alliance provides the mark of a firm established in the development of complete architectural models that integrate disruptive and traditional technologies, while Serban Group expands its portfolio with secure and highly demanded solutions.

"Serban Group is a company with a great track record in biometrics projects, which generates great confidence in our customers. This alliance allows us to offer a fast and reliable turnkey solution to thousands of companies and users who have been looking for more security and privacy in their data for years, detaching themselves from traditional double authentication systems that are not yet secure, "says Miguel Abreu, CEO of B-FY.

"B-FY is an innovative and easy to implement solution to solve common identification problems in companies. As soon as we learned about B-FY's ID-as-a-service solution, we realized its great potential and the synergies we could create through a partnership. We are sure that this collaboration will be beneficial for both companies and, above all, for our customers, "says Juan Pablo Yagüe, global head of strategic alliances at Serban Group.

Both companies maintain a firm commitment to international expansion, particularly in Latin America, where they already have offices and active clients. This future growth factor has also been relevant to the deal.

About B-FY

B-FY is a new access protocol that universally identifies customers, eliminates fraud, and protects data privacy. Its Identification as a Service (IDaaS) offering uses the biometric recognition capabilities provided today by mobile devices to reliably identify people. The identification protocol used offers the maximum guarantees of protection and privacy of user data with the aim of eliminating fraud by phishing, by unequivocally identifying people. Its CEO, Miguel Abreu, has more than 22 years of experience in the technological field and in the last 15 years has held leadership positions in fast-growing software manufacturers. Learn more at

About Serban Group

Serban Group is a key player in the implementation of innovative solutions that make it possible to meaningfully solve the challenges for the entire IT architecture surrounding virtualization and the hybrid world of digital work environments; both in access to corporate applications, such as security, digital identity and infrastructure. With 20 years of experience and presence in more than 19 countries between Europe and Latin America, experience and knowledge are its differential values when it comes to helping all types of organizations to be more agile, flexible and adaptable to ensure the continuity of their businesses. Learn more at


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