Artificial Intelligence Application in the logistics company


The success case we present here is from a company with extensive experience in exporting and importing various types of materials and goods. Within the core of their business, the classification of imported goods is crucial, ensuring proper tax application and customs compliance. At Serban, we successfully assisted in integrating Artificial Intelligence to transform this classification process.

Initial Situation

The company AI faced significant challenges that required advanced technological solutions:

  1. In the first step: The need to improve accuracy in goods classification was addressed using structured and unstructured data. There was a requirement to integrate artificial intelligence capabilities to automate and optimize the classification process.

  2. In the second step: Improving the scalability and accessibility of the classification solution to handle a larger volume of transactions without degrading performance. Increasing the security of classified data and providing complete traceability and auditability of the process.

How we assist from Serban Group

    1. In the first step: We developed and implemented an artificial intelligence-based classification system, utilizing advanced models like GPT-4 Turbo and Claude 3 for data processing and analysis. We deployed a Data Storage and Retrieval (DSR) system to efficiently handle the massive volume of historical and current data.

    2. In the second step: We scaled the solution through a cloud infrastructure, leveraging AWS to ensure high availability and real-time access to the platform. We enhanced security through encryption techniques and restricted access protocols to safeguard sensitive information.

Results achieved

  • In the first project, we achieved a significant improvement in the accuracy of goods classification, reducing the risk of errors and penalties associated with incorrect tax classification. Our AI-based approach enabled Radar AI to effectively manage the growing volume of transactions.

  • In the second project, the results were equally impressive, with scalability improvements allowing Radar AI to handle a 50% increase in transaction volume during demand peaks without compromising the speed or accuracy of service.

In summary, Serban Group's ability to implement advanced custom Artificial Intelligence solutions has radically transformed Radar's operations, enabling them not only to comply with customs regulations more efficiently but also to scale their business securely and sustainably.



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