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About the company

Founded in Colombia in 1970, Equidad Seguros is a cooperative insurer that provides protection to individuals, their families and their assets through a culture of foresight that it imparts to 1,300 associate cooperatives, employee funds and non-profit entities.



  • Mitigate dependency between operating systems, applications, and devices with on-premise resources.
  • Engineering resource dedicated entirely to monitoring the status of the platform 24 hours a day, which resulted in high operating loads and higher management costs.
  • Optimize the productivity of your workforce and provide universal access to apps and data from any device.


Equidad Seguros solved these challenges by implementing solutions for App Virtualization, a technology that provides virtual workspaces for applications, collaboration tools and other computing resources through which teleworking is enabled.

Deployed virtualization technology isolates applications from the underlying operating system and other applications to increase compatibility and management.

Since it is a modern application delivery solution, it would allow applications to be transmitted from the Equidad Seguros data center to an external destination -the Serban Group data centers-, where they run in a controlled and secure environment, with full availability.



  • App virtualization in the cloud.


  • Equidad Seguros replaced its traditional model of on-premise managed applications with virtualized application architecture in the cloud.
  • The new platform provides remote and secure access to users of three business-critical applications: Core for general insurance, Core for ARL, and the SAP/R3 system
  • The apps remain intact after being deployed in the cloud, they have the same appearance as under the previous model.
  • Users have interaction without any difficulty and without requiring additional learning days.
  • They eliminated costs for licensing operating systems and databases.
  • They managed to remove the operational loads.
  • Under the new cloud model, the IT department of Equidad Seguros is only limited to receiving periodic availability reports that have been close to 100%.
  • Thanks to Serban Group's cloud-hosted control layer, the solution has made it possible to free up hardware resources and storage space for other applications.

What has been the experience of working with Serban Group?

“IT departments must move to the cloud to solve global organizational problems,” says Edwin Cortés, IT Manager at Equidad Seguros. "We must be able to free ourselves from merely operational matters to devote ourselves entirely to strategic areas of the business."

"In the future, we see the relationship between Serban Group and Citrix with Equidad Seguros as an opportunity to have collaborative tools in order to achieve maximum performance with minimum resources. Serban Group has allowed us to focus more on our business and less on managing IT operational loads”, concluded Edwin Cortés, Equity Insurance IT Manager.

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