Renta 4: Evolution Towards a Comprehensive Digital Work Environment in Banking

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Financial Sector:

Renta 4

Renta 4 is a leading Spanish financial entity headquartered in Madrid. It currently boasts a total of 62 offices throughout Spain, including a virtual office, as well as branches in various parts of Latin America like Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

Initial Situation

The company approached us to address the following issues:

In the first project:

  1. The need to optimize their digital workspace to evolve towards a unified, dynamic, flexible, cost-effective, and highly secure space. This was achieved through a solution involving hyper-convergence, virtualization, user profile optimization, etc.
  2. Addressing peaks in digital workspace demand or disaster recovery.

In the second project:

  1. Implementing significant improvements in the security of their digital work environments.
  2. Increasing productivity across all areas.
  3. Providing an enhanced user experience.

How We Helped from Serban Group

In the first project:

  1. We implemented a hyper-converged infrastructure with Nutanix in high availability and DR across two CPDs.
  2. ​We built a basic solution for 250 digital workspace with peaks of 400 using Citrix, and enhanced the management and productivity of Microsoft Office 365 tools with IAM Cloud. 
  3. We provided 24/7 support, administration, and continuous evolution.
In the second project:
  1. We implemented Microsoft Intune MDM/MAM and Microsoft’s Azure Information Protection (AIP) solution for data security. This included the identification and classification of data, establishing five levels of security, which we applied to all data, both internal and external, covering repositories and email communications.
  2. We implemented functionalities such as Microsoft Intune and Windows AutoPilot to increase productivity across all areas.
  3. We implemented comprehensive Windows authentication to improve user experience, thus creating an integral digital workspace.


Results Obtained

  • In the first integration, we ensured high availability for the client and provided robust support in disaster situations, offering peace of mind at a reduced cost. We facilitated flexibility by allowing the overflow of workloads into the cloud, ensuring optimal performance at all times. Our dedication to security was reflected in advanced measures that strengthened data protection while optimizing operational costs to improve financial and energy efficiency, reducing the data center footprint. We successfully implemented centralized management in both on-premise and cloud environments, leveraging leading technologies like Citrix and Nutanix for comprehensive and coordinated management. These are just some of the many benefits we offered, contributing to the company’s success.

  • In the subsequent project, the results obtained through our solutions not only improved the security and productivity of Renta 4’s digital workspaces but also had a positive and lasting impact on various aspects of the business. The implementation of advanced security measures protected the integrity of sensitive data and helped build strong trust between Renta 4 and its clients.

  • Ultimately, strengthening the security and productivity of the client's digital workspaces had a transformative impact on trust, business opportunities, and the brand’s market perception. We are very proud that, as a technology partner, Renta 4 has been able to focus on business growth and long-term success in an increasingly challenging business environment.




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