Bank Sabadell: the first bank to launch voice contract signing

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Follow a "zero paper" policy, sign documents with advanced electronic signature, remotely and not in person


Initial situation

In the digitization of banks' processes (zero paper policy), it is required, in some of these, that certain documents must be signed with an advanced electronic signature and provided to the customer, who can do it remotely (not in person) by phone.

The challenge

An advanced electronic signature system, via telephone and remotely, must not only provide a record of the complete verbal content (the conversation), but must also be fully compatible with MiFID II (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive) and the European directive. 

 Our solution

Integrate the Advanced Electronic Signature using voice biometrics, FirVox.

With FirVox, all parties, in a contractual document, have the same proof of consent, meaning they have the same weight of evidence (“probative symmetry”)

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