Transformation of Data Backup Service for a Leading Legal Company in Colombia

 Transformation of Data Backup Service for a Leading Legal Company in Colombia

SGX Revolution Success Story:

Legal Sector:

In 2016, Serban Group partnered with one of the most prominent legal firms in Colombia to provide a comprehensive data backup service, crucial for safeguarding the company's sensitive information. Over the years, we have continuously evolved and enhanced our service, culminating in a seamless migration to the SGX Cyberprotect solution enriched with advanced cyber protection features and remote management.


In 2016, the legal firm faced significant challenges in managing data from its highly mobile workforce. They needed a reliable and secure solution for backing up and restoring critical information without disrupting their operations.


How we helped from Serban Group:

Gradual Technological Evolution

  1. We began by implementing Seagra, a robust data backup solution provided by Serban Group, offering backup and restoration of essential files.

  2. Subsequently, we progressed to MSP 360 to further automate backup processes, increasing operational efficiency.

  3. Finally, we migrated to the SGX Cyber Protect backup solution, offering advanced cyber protection capabilities and Backup as a Service (BaaS).

Agile and Transparent Migration to SGX Revolution:

We ensured a seamless transition when migrating to SGX Revolution. The technical team carefully coordinated the migration, minimizing any impact on the client's operations and ensuring service continuity.

Comprehensive Service Management:

At Serban Group, we manage the tool by providing managed services that include data restorations, incident management, and ongoing support. No additional training was required for the client, as we took care of all operational aspects.

Added Value and Continuous Improvement:

The migration to SGX Cyber Protect not only provided an increase in data protection but also additional functionalities like remote control, hardware inventory, and cyber protection reports.

The service has continually evolved, adapting to the client’s changing needs and leveraging the latest technologies to enhance efficiency and security.


Achieved Results:

The client experienced a significant improvement in the protection of their sensitive data, without an increase in costs. The evolution of the service has allowed the legal firm to operate more efficiently and securely, with advanced data management and protection capabilities.

The partnership between Serban Group and the legal firm is a testament to Serban Group's commitment to excellence in technology integration and long-term customer satisfaction.



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