Cyberattacks with AI have only just begun, they are two years ahead of us

Cyberattacks with AI have only just begun, they are 2 years ahead of us. The cybercrime landscape is evolving rapidly, and cyberattacks backed by artificial intelligence (AI) are not only a reality, but they are already two years ahead of us (Source of information: World Economic Forum).

From 2022 to the current date, cyber threats have experienced a significant evolution, making use of advanced artificial intelligence tools to carry out more sophisticated attacks.

Although we know that cyberattacks exist, preventative measures are often not taken. Fear is used to raise awareness, but statistics as real as the fact that:

95% of medium-sized companies that suffer a ransomware attack close a year later (2019)


On the other hand, we have seen how large companies, despite being the target of attacks – and perhaps too often – have solid cyber resilience strategies and cyber insurance that protect them. However, small and medium-sized companies lack these resources, which makes them especially vulnerable.

It is for these and many other reasons that in today's interconnected era, cybersecurity and cyber resilience have become fundamental pillars for business survival.

This challenge affects companies of all sizes and locations and at Serban Group we recognize the urgency of addressing this issue. It is evident that traditional cybersecurity strategies are no longer sufficient.

How do I know if my company is protected? Basic cyber resilience checklist:

  1.  Holistic Cybersecurity Strategy: It is not just about tools but about complete preparation that covers technological, human and procedural aspects.

  2. Data Backup: The ability to restore data and systems is essential for business continuity.

  3. Security controls: Does your service provider, such as Microsoft or Google, guarantee availability in the event of a cyber attack?

  4. Business impact assessment: Do you know the financial, brand, reputational and operational implications of a cyber attack? All companies should do this exercise to keep in mind the possible scope.

  5. Focus on people and processes: Staff training and the implementation of security policies are essential to mitigate risks.

  6. Strengthened authentication and authorization: The use of multi-factor authentication, including biometrics, is crucial in an increasingly dangerous environment.

And what is coming?

We recognize that the future of cybersecurity will be complex, especially with the advent of quantum computing. However, we are committed to preparing for the challenges ahead and providing our customers with the protection they deserve.

We firmly believe that cybersecurity should not be the exclusive privilege of a few lucky companies, but rather a fundamental right for all organizations, regardless of their size or geographic location.

At Serban Group, we are not just a tool provider; We are a team of experts committed to the security of your company. We offer comprehensive services ranging from staff training (Serban Training Center) to rapid restoration of critical systems in the event of an attack.

If the risk materializes, we have cyber resilience, meaning we could restore your core business applications in a matter of hours.

Additionally, our focus is on the constant evolution of cyber threats. From phishing attacks to new forms of AI spoofing, we are prepared to meet the challenges of today and tomorrow. The integration of biometrics into our offering with strategic partners like Aware is just one example of our continuous innovation.
So there is no excuse, it's time to protect yourself from cybercriminals!

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The value that comes from entrusting your next steps to an integrator with the experience and knowledge of Serban Group is the peace of mind of knowing that, in addition to the value of the leading technologies in themselves with which we work, we deliver a complete and unified service. in the modality that the client wants. If you are looking for comprehensive cyber protection as a service solutions with an innovative approach based on simplicity and automation, SGX Cyber ​​Protect simplifies backup management, data recovery and device security by carrying out these functions externally, which facilitates its management and guarantees comprehensive protection. Don't hesitate to contact us, we are here to offer you personalized solutions that drive efficiency and innovation in your work environment.




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