Key trends in 2024 for a good IT infrastructure

In the dynamic field of information technology (IT) infrastructure, companies are constantly adapting to new trends that directly impact their ability to operate efficiently and competitively. These challenges promote constant changes based on the needs of So modernization not only improves processing capacity, but also the ability to add value to your business.

We, as technology consultants with extensive experience, understand the importance of identifying and understanding the specific trends that shape the IT infrastructure landscape. Below, we will explore in detail some of these trends and how they are transforming the way organizations manage their systems and services.

Trends in IT Infrastructure:
  1. Multicloud and hybrid strategies: The adoption of multicloud solutions and hybrid strategies is constantly growing in the field of IT infrastructure. Enterprises are looking to diversify their cloud service providers and optimize their workloads by implementing microservices. An emerging trend is the adoption of Kubernetes as an orchestration engine, allowing unified and agile management of applications in multi-cloud and on-premises environments.

    Technology such as containerization allows you to package applications and their dependencies in containers in an efficient and scalable way to manage applications in the cloud.

  2. Artificial intelligence and machine learning: Artificial intelligence and machine learning are increasingly present in the modernization of applications; These technologies are used to automate tasks, improve application performance and security. But they also focus on innovation and return on investment to deliver increased business and gross revenue by optimizing customer experience and company performance.

  3. Intelligent automation: Intelligent automation is becoming a fundamental component of IT infrastructure. Organizations are using machine learning tools to automate repetitive, low-complexity tasks, freeing up resources and allowing staff to focus on more strategic, higher-value activities for the business.

  4. Real-time data analysis: Real-time data analysis is an increasingly relevant trend in IT infrastructure. Companies are looking to implement ETL (data extraction, transformation and loading) processes that allow them to analyze structured, unstructured and streaming data efficiently. The ability to correlate this data in real time allows for more informed and agile business decisions.

  5. Generative AI - Data projection: Generative artificial intelligence is transforming the way organizations analyze and project data into IT infrastructure. This technology allows the development of generative models that learn from existing data sets and can predict future trends. The ability to anticipate scenarios and make proactive decisions is essential for strategic planning and resource optimization.

  6. 360-degree cybersecurity: Comprehensive cybersecurity is a priority in companies' IT infrastructure. The trend towards a 360-degree cybersecurity vision involves adopting a holistic approach that covers aspects of regulatory compliance or incident and vulnerability management, as well as the implementation of advanced security solutions. Collaborating with managed service providers (MSPs) can ensure robust protection against cyber threats and efficient security management at all levels of the IT infrastructure.

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