Managed IT Services: 5 Reasons to Have Them

Serban - Managed IT Services: 5 Reasons to Have Them

Does your company need managed IT services? If you don’t exactly know the answer, it’s probably because it does. To refine your answer a bit more, it’s important that you know what those services are really about beforehand and what they can bring to organizations. We’ll be discussing it in our blog today. Continue reading!


¿What are managed IT services?

It is clear that technology permeates everything nowadays, becoming essential for the management of any company. IT services are focused on solving business needs. Information technologies must be leveraged by all organizations, and doing it in the right way improves company competitiveness.

In an ever-changing world, organizations need to be highly competitive, which is right where IT services companies step in and can lend a helping hand. What exactly do we mean when we talk about IT? We mean:

  • People
  • Processes
  • Departments
  • Technology

Are you surprised that we put people first? We’ve done so because technology is just a tool: it’s people who make technology work. They’re the ones who make sure that technology is integrated into companies, their processes, and their departments, in order to realize their full potential and to be able to naturally integrate the need for professionalism in information technology.

Below are the 5 main reasons why your company should have managed IT services.


Reason 1: Knowledge of your own industry and customers

IT services go beyond the company itself, because they try to achieve a seamless connection with its entire environment and that’s something that can also be projected outwards: users, customers, suppliers... The goal is to achieve a truly exceptional user experience.

An outsourced IT service allows you to work with professionals who know their own business inside and out, and who are up to speed with the latest developments. Knowing exactly when to evolve, incorporating changes in their fair share, is something that most companies struggle with, because they have to invest their time in managing their own business.

Brands can’t keep up with all the new developments and technological changes that occur on a daily basis. Changes arise that perhaps should be adapted to their own organization and that are happening increasingly faster.

Beyond knowing their own sector, IT professionals have great experience and agility when it comes to understanding their clients’ business. In-depth knowledge of their technological needs —according to each sector or size— is key to success, this being possible thanks to the experience of a highly qualified and updated human team.


Reason 2: Help in decision-making

In today’s changing and demanding environment, companies need to make quick decisions with the greatest guarantees of success. Being left behind is not an option: while a company is thinking about whether or not to expand its IT services, its competitors are already implementing more advanced service phases.

Relying on an external company to manage IT services has many benefits in strategic decision-making, including greater speed and agility in making the right decisions. The faster decisions need to be made, the more experience and preparation is required to avoid making mistakes.

Moreover, we live in an increasingly digital environment and technological changes are happening at breakneck speed. The speed of response and adaptation to these changes is a key aspect for all companies. Such a dynamic digital market requires working with a well-prepared technical and human team. 


Serban - Managed IT Services: 5 Reasons to Have Them

Working with an IT service management company offers the security, agility and guarantees of success that every organization needs.

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Reason 3: Analysis of business needs and shortcomings

Many times, gaps lead us to needs. This has an experience-based explanation. When we ask our customers what exactly they need in IT services, they often don’t know what to say. They usually pass this question on to us, which, on the other hand, is logical.

When we don’t yet have the exact needs on the table, because our customers don’t know how to tell us exactly what they need, we can get to them by focusing on the company’s IT needs. We don’t always have all the facts, but we always work to get them.


Reason 4: Make specific proposals

Generalities are not enough for someone who wants to achieve their objectives, nor are they good for companies. Proposals based on real needs are specific proposals. They offer services that focus on what really matters, without unnecessary frills, and are results-driven.

Creating specificity in terms of IT needs is the result of many years of experience and also of the knowledge of many different sectors. Success lies, among other things, in realization.


Reason 5: Technical knowledge

This may seem obvious but it isn’t. Technical knowledge is achieved when we’re constantly evolving and implementing. Being up to date with technological concepts isn’t enough; what’s important is to know how to explain those concepts thoroughly so that client companies can exactly understand what they’re implementing and improving.

In conclusion, finding IT managed services that ensure high-quality, a high degree of accuracy in their applications and a high level of sector knowledge is key. We, as a technology company, must make sure that this technology flows naturally to all our customers, so that they can continue to run their business as smoothly and successfully as possible.


At Serban Group with 19+ years of experience, we have a team of professionals who can offer tailored consultancy services about all the advantages that managed services can offer to your company. Contact us here and one of our specialists will get in touch with you within 24 hours. 

Serban - Managed IT Services: 5 Reasons to Have Them


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