Serban Group and Okta Partner to Drive Identity Management in Digital Transformation Process

Serban Group, a leading company in the development of digital identity and biometric technology projects, announces its strategic alliance with Okta, a leading company in cloud-based identity and access management solutions.

This collaboration will combine Serban Group's expertise in implementing innovative biometric identification and authentication solutions with Okta's identity and access management services, creating a robust and secure ecosystem for companies looking to optimize their IT architecture and improve security in their work environments.

Serban Group has 20 years of experience in the field of biometrics and digital identity, its focus on applying technology with meaning and its in-depth knowledge of digitization and innovation have made them a key player in the market, collaborating with large partners in the financial sector, insurance, retail, among others.

On the other hand, Okta is widely recognized for its cloud identity and access management platform, which has been adopted by numerous organizations around the world to protect their systems and simplify access to applications in both cloud and on-premises environments. Okta's platform stands out for its focus on security, scalability, and user-friendliness.

By joining forces, Serban Group and Okta will offer companies a comprehensive and secure solution for identity and access management in today's digital environments to meet security requirements and comply with regulations in this area.

According to Juan Pablo Yagüe, global head of strategic alliances at Serban Group: "We are very happy to partner with Okta. This alliance will allow us to combine our knowledge and experience in the field of digital identity and biometric-based technologies with Okta's strong identity and access management capabilities, thus managing and protecting user authentication, authorization and administration in various applications, systems and devices. All of this will result in a more complete and powerful offering for our customers.”

The alliance between Serban Group and Okta represents a combination of expertise, technology and shared vision to drive innovation in identity and access management. Both companies are excited about the results this collaboration will bring and look forward to working together to meet the changing needs of the digital business


About Serban Group:

Serban Group is a key player in the implementation of innovative solutions that make it possible to meaningfully solve the challenges for the entire IT architecture surrounding virtualization and the hybrid world of digital work environments; both in access to corporate applications, such as security, digital identity and infrastructure. With 20 years of experience and presence in more than 19 countries between Europe and Latin America, experience and knowledge are its differential values when it comes to helping all types of organizations to be more agile, flexible and adaptable to ensure the continuity of their businesses. Learn more at


About Okta:

It is a leading American company in the field of identity and access management. Founded in 2009, Okta has stood out as a globally renowned provider, offering cloud-based security solutions. Its comprehensive platform enables organizations to securely manage the identities of their employees, partners, and customers. Okta has positioned itself as a reliable ally to protect companies' digital assets and ensure a smooth user experience. Its commitment to innovation and security, as well as its vision to enable any organization to adopt technology safely, position Okta as one of the leading companies in the field of identity and access management. Learn more at:


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