Transformation of IT Services for an important holding company in Mexico

 Transformation of IT Services for an important holding company in Mexico

SGX Revolution Success Story: Holding Company in Mexico:

Holding Company in Mexico:

Our client is a conglomerate of Mexican companies involved in various economic sectors, including financial services; insurance and retirement fund management; specialized commerce; media and content production; telecommunications; and energy, among others.


In this case, we have carried out a significant transformation in the way we manage and offer our IT services. Traditionally focused on the sale of Netscaler equipment and its implementation, we took a strategic turn by introducing virtual Netscalers as a comprehensive service. This innovation has not only redefined our relationship but has also generated tangible results for the client that reflect our commitment to added value and operational excellence.


How we helped from Serban Group:

Service Model Evolution:

Before SGX Workspace, the focus was on selling physical Netscaler devices without offering ongoing support or added value in terms of support and licensing. With our innovative proposal, we transformed this paradigm by offering virtual Netscalers as a complete service, which includes licensing, implementation, and comprehensive support, all encapsulated in a transparent and scalable contract.

Transformation Lever:

Our unique approach to providing IT services as an integrated package, from implementation to ongoing support, has been the main lever of this change. By presenting a solution that simplifies the complexities associated with managing multiple suppliers and separate bids, we have achieved operational synergy that benefits the client.


Tangible Benefits:

The adoption of our new service model has generated a series of tangible and measurable benefits:

  • Operational Efficiency: Significant reduction in tendering and management times for the client, freeing up resources that can be allocated to more strategic activities.
  • Flexibility and Scalability: Our solution easily adapts to the changing needs of the client, offering unprecedented scalability to meet their demands.
  • Record Time Implementation: Within a maximum of one week, we completed the transition to our new service model, ensuring a smooth and uninterrupted transition for our clients.
  • Business Continuity: Our focus on business continuity is reflected in our ability to implement changes ensuring that critical services remain uninterrupted throughout the transition process. We achieved the goal of ZERO IMPACT on the business.


Achieved Results:

This success story demonstrates our ability to adapt to market needs and provide solutions that drive long-term business success.

Since the signing of the contract in December 2023, we have demonstrated our ability to provide an agile and responsive service. Our ability to activate new Netscaler needs automatically and quickly has reinforced client trust and set a standard of excellence in the industry.



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