Backup as a Service: 5 Advantages for Your Business

Serban - Backup as a Service: 5 Advantages for Your Business

Backup systems for corporate data and systems are a must for every organization. Backup is critical for the survival of companies in a world where the risk is high, given that even the slightest accident or failure can destroy all the information that’s considered important. That’s why many businesses ask themselves: how can data stored on servers, workstations, cameras, cell phones or tablets, etc., be protected both simply and efficiently? The answer is: Backup as a Service. Today, in our blog, we’ll be discussing what it’s all about. Continue reading!


What’s Backup as a Service (BaaS)?

Backup as a Service is a solution that backs up the information and technical infrastructure of a business, whether on-premise, cloud or hybrid, and on physical media with backup replication in the cloud.

Backup as a Service providers, such as Serban Tech, relieve the burden of protecting data from the IT department, so businesses don’t have to allocate resources for the tedious and repetitive tasks associated with backing up the organization’s critical files and systems.


What are the advantages of a Backup as a Service solution?

  1. Information protected by a Backup as a Service system isn’t exposed to threats from hackers, natural disasters, or human error. Plus, data stored in BaaS is securely encrypted in a professional data center protected against theft or other threats, thus minimizing the risk to the company’s data.
  2. The scalability of this solution allows it to either grow or shrink on demand, based on the organization’s needs.
  3. Access to backups from any location is an advantage in information recovery for multi‑site or decentralized companies.
  4. Working with a Backup as a Service provider offers the flexibility needed to meet the different levels of regulatory standards and regulations governing electronic data management, a complex task that organizations may struggle with if addressed alone.
  5. A BaaS solution also optimizes costs by relieving companies of upfront capital investments and hidden fees.


RPO and RTO with Backup as a Service

How much time are we willing to waste on transactions performed or having to re-enter information into the system? The answer is going to depend on the volume per unit of time and backup mechanisms, but the volume of ’orphaned’ data always increases as time passes since the last backup.  

With the Backup as a Service solution offered at Serban Tech, we agree on Recovery Time Objective (RTO) and Recovery Point Objective (RTO) levels, in which data recovery and downtime are minimal. Through a strategy, we prioritize those applications that are key —as well as the associated information—, and then proceed with the rest in order of importance.

With respect to the RPO, we determine an objective of maximum possible loss of data entered from the last backup until the system crashes.

As for the RTO, it expresses the time that the organization can tolerate the downtime of its applications and the associated service level drop without affecting business continuity.

Dependency on connected systems and access to data are linked to business continuity, with zero tolerance for downtime.

These are just a few hints of how beneficial it can be for a company to have a Backup as a Service solution. At Serban Tech, we are BaaS providers, helping organizations to protect their data as efficiently as possible, all with a pay-per-use model that also allows them to reduce costs. To learn more about this solution and its advantages for your company, contact us here and our team of experts will offer tailored consultancy.

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