SERBAN GROUP's Management wants to make known, through this document, to its employees, customers, suppliers and other interested parties its conviction that IT Service Management is a key factor for the correct development of the organization.

SERBAN GROUP considers that IT Service Management, together with the provision of training and resources necessary for the development of the organization's own activity, are the main pillars on which the work and daily effort are based.

It is the IT Service Management Policy of SERBAN GROUP to continuously offer a quality service to its customers, through the use of modern work processes and with a highly trained and committed team at all levels to achieve excellence in the services provided.

The IT Service Management System (ITSMS) has the following objectives:

  • Management of IT Services, in accordance with the International Standard ISO/IEC 20000:2018, through the responsibility and participation of all company members involved within the specified Scope.

  • Effective assignment of roles and responsibilities in IT Service Management.

  • Services with a level of quality that meets the needs of our customers.

  • Work oriented towards "continuous improvement" and communication.

  • Training of personnel in accordance with the technical changes and technological innovations to which the organization's activity is subjected, for the execution of the work with the required quality levels.

  • Continuous evolution of the IT Service Management System, in order to adapt to the demands of our customers, through:

  • Ongoing reviews of the IT Service Management System.

  • Establishment of indicators that allow us to know the degree of quality of our processes.

  • Encouraging the training of the organization's personnel in the weak aspects detected during the fiscal year.

  • Periodic audits to determine the degree of compliance with the reference standard.

  • To manage our resources properly, both human (specialized personnel) and material (economic and financial), in order to optimize results.

  • Awareness and motivation of SERBAN GROUP staff on the importance of the implementation and development of an IT Service Management System.

September 2022 APPROVED: Management Committee