Mapfre Spain: Transformation of the Operations Center


Insurance sector:

Mapfre Spain

In November 2023, Serban Group began an ambitious project to transform Mapfre's Operations Center with the aim of optimizing its processes and directing them towards complete automation. This project seeks not only operational efficiency, but also excellence in customer service through the implementation of advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) technologies.


Initial situation:

Mapfre, a leading company in the insurance sector, faced several challenges in its Operations Center, including:

  • Operational improvement: Reactive processes and a high incidence of operational errors.
  • Lack of visibility and control: Difficulty in obtaining a panoramic view of operations in real time.
  • Security risks: Need to improve data protection and operational continuity.
  • Customer experience: Slow manual processes that affected customer satisfaction.


The Mapfre Operations Center transformation project is based on several fundamental pillars:

  • Automation: Implement a fully automated operations model to manage critical services more efficiently.
  • Self-learning and Self-Remediation: Train systems to anticipate and prevent incidents, automatically resolving problems and minimizing downtime.
  • Horizontality: Develop a dynamic and flexible work environment, aligned with new technologies and pay-per-use business models and services (XaaS).

Action plan:

1.    Initial phase:
  • Definition of a new framework.
  • Automation of operational processes, including the management of incidents, requests and changes.
  • Implementation of monitoring and analysis tools in real time.

2. Development and Continuous Improvement:
  • Training staff in the use of new tools and automated processes.
  • Continuous evaluation of performance and adjustment of strategies to improve efficiency and reduce operating costs.


The transformation of Mapfre's Operations Center through the integration of Artificial Intelligence technologies positions the company at the forefront of innovation in the insurance sector. This success story demonstrates how AI can revolutionize operational efficiency, security and customer satisfaction in large companies.


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