Vanti Group: Recurring IaaS cloud services on the Google Cloud platform

vanti y serban group

Energy and gas sector:

Grupo Vanti

At Serban Group we began a collaboration with the company Ayesa SAS, a global provider of engineering services and technological solutions, to support the Vanti Group, a leader in the distribution and marketing of natural gas and energy solutions in Colombia. With extensive coverage spanning more than 3.8 million customers in Colombia, Grupo Vanti plays an important role in the supply and promotion of clean and sustainable energy in the country.

Initial situation:

Since 2019, Serban Group established a contract with Ayesa SAS to assume the management of the Vanti Group's technological infrastructure. The scope of this agreement includes a wide range of services, ranging from implementation to monitoring, operation and management of Google Cloud Platform infrastructure. Serban Group acts as an authorized Google partner, guaranteeing efficiency and excellence in the management of this infrastructure (IaaS). The Vanti company comes to us to solve the following problems in its IT infrastructure:

  • The management and administration of your technological infrastructure (IaaS), especially in the execution of SAP-based solutions.
  • The need for high availability and security in a critical environment for gas distribution.

How we help from Serban Group:

At Serban Group, acting as an authorized Google Cloud partner to address technology infrastructure needs with GCP, the focus was on digital transformation and infrastructure migration to the Google Cloud.

  • A cloud management service was implemented, using key services such as Compute Engine, Cloud Storage, Google App Engine, Google Cloud Networking and Google Monitoring. In addition, a specialized team was established to manage the platform, with continuous training and focus on the automation of tasks such as (...) thanks to App Engine.

  • An operation model was established focused on process management, incident resolution, change management, capacity and availability, asset and configuration management and service levels. Team composed of platform administrators, operators and a technical leader, supported by continuous training and improvement of operational practices.

Results obtained:

  • Continuous updating: since the implementation of this solution, a constant update of the operating systems was encouraged, showing flexibility and adaptability to changing needs. This made processes more efficient by more than 40%.
  • Security and recovery testing: We provide special attention to recovery testing and vulnerability analysis, strengthening the client's cybersecurity posture and challenges in the current technological scenario.
  • Customer satisfaction: Customer satisfaction was measured through semi-annual surveys, reflecting positive results and demonstrating the success of the managed service.

The positive evolution in customer satisfaction, overcoming technical challenges and continuous improvement in operations make this service a success story. The adaptability of the operating model and the demonstrated capability of the team resulted in a positive impact on efficiency and customer satisfaction.
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